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About Me

Hey, I’m Carson Garrett. You probably know me as that nerdy aerospace engineering kid stuck out there on that island who was obsessed with 3D-printing puzzles. Well, guess what? I’m still that nerd obsessed with 3D-printing puzzles. :-p 

Ever since my time I’m on the island, I’ve had so much fun connecting with fans and people who also share my love of puzzles and space so I thought why not combine the two. When I’m not a full-time Aerospace Engineering student, I’m working as a Pathways Civil Servant at NASA's Johnson Space Center (aka Mission Control). Taking the time to launch Puzzlenaut has been a long time in the making, and I'm so excited to have you all along for the journey.

But I don’t want our connection to end after you make a purchase. I want to see you DO the puzzles! Tag me on Instagram, TikTok or X (aka Twitter) using the #Puzzlenaut hashtag. And who knows, there might just be more fun puzzles coming your way.