Welcome Puzzlenauts!

Ever since I got back from the summer of a lifetime, I’ve been so eager to share my love of 3D-printed puzzles with all of you. When I first learned how to 3D print and design, I was amazed by the possibilities. Since returning home I’ve learned a lot of other people are interested in 3D-printed puzzles too! I’ve been working on these puzzles for a while now because I wanted to produce a high-end, quality product that you can display in your homes and play with over and over again. (And maybe even try and beat my time at solving them.) I’m so excited to finally share these puzzles I’ve been tinkering with for years now with each one of you. Thank you for your support!

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  • Premium Designs

    Unique 3D printed packaging doubles as the container that will store the pieces of the puzzle and also serves as the base for what you’ll build the puzzle on. The puzzles even float in the water!

  • Build your Collection

    The Puzzlenaut collection is growing? Are you up to the challenge of mastering these puzzles. Check out the product descriptions to see how I rate their difficulty levels.

  • Industry-Grade Materials

    Unlike other 3D printed puzzles on the market made with less durable materials, my puzzles are made of industry-grade filament which is more elastic, stronger, and resilient. It also gives it that reflective finish and precise shape.